Everything about me in Sports

I’m about to tell you everything about me sports-wise in this blog. I will tell you things like my jersey number, my positions and things like that.


Jersey number : #17

Position : 2B ( second base ), SS ( shortstop ), and C ( Catcher ).

Team : Glen Ridge Red Hawks.

Favorite player ( That’s playing right now ) : Mike Trout. Center fielder. Los Angeles Angels.

Favorite Team : New York Yankees


Jersey number : #9 and #7

Position : Right Midfielder and Goalkeeper

Team : MKA and SDFC

Favorite player : Lionel Messi. Forward. FC Barcelona

Favorite Team: FC Barcelona and New York RedBulls


Jersey number: TBA

Position : Point Guard

Team : MKA

Favorite players: Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Kyrie Irving.

Favorite Team: New York Knicks


Jersey Number : #14

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Major League Baseball Autographs

Right now I am about to tell you about how many autographs I have from Baseball Players. I will show what positions they play and what team they were on.

Here are the autographs :

– Yogi Berra – Yankees, Catcher

– Dale Berra – Yankees, 3rd base

– Mariano Rivera – Yankees, Pitcher

– David Ortiz – Red Sox, Designated hitter/ 1st base

– Johnny Gomes – Red Sox/Athletics, Left Field

– Shane Victorino – Red Sox, Outfield

– James Paxton – Mariners, Pitcher

– Brandon Mauer – Mariners, Pitcher

– Danny Farquhar – Mariners, Pitcher

– Jeremy Hefner – Mets, Pitcher

– Jenrry Mejia – Mets, Pitcher

– Vic Black – Mets, Pitcher

– Jacob DeGrom – Mets, Pitcher

– Luís Garcia – Phillies, Pitcher

– Danny Duffy – Royals, Pitcher

– Christian Colón – Royals, 3rd base

– Lorenzo Cain – Royals, Right field/ Center F...

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MLB Baseball stadiums I have been too!

Philadelphia Phillies

New York Yankees

New York Mets

Boston Red Sox

Tampa bay Rays

Baltimore Orioles

Washington Nationals

Atlanta Braves

Oakland Athletics

Seattle Mariners

San Francisco Giants

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My summer vacation

IMG_3393I went to my grandmas house down at the Jersey Shore and my whole family went to the beach and went surfing.

Then I went to my aunt’s house in Tampa, Florida. My brother, cousins and I went swimming in their pool. But unfortunately one bad thing happened my one of my cousins cracked his head and ended up getting 8 staples. But the next day we all went to a Tampa Bay Rays game and we got there right at batting practice and we got 3 autographs from the Minnesota Twins. Two of the autographs were 2 pitchers named Kyle Gibson and Scott Diamond and one of the autographs was from the 1st base coach.

I also went to a Atlanta Braves game and it was a firework game so after the game my family and I stayed for the fireworks. They were awesome!

After that we went to Washington DC and Baltimore to see...

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Glen Ridge Town Baseball

Town league baseball was awesome I only got out 2 times  in town and on the last day I hit my first ever town league home run. It was a 3 run home run.

Town league baseball is almost like travel baseball but everybody gets to play in town and in travel you have to try out for the team.

I play for Glen Ridge.

In travel my positions are 2nd base and catcher. And in town I’m a catcher, shortstop, and pitcher.

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SDFC players awards dinner

When I was at the dinner I first signed in and then I saw my friend Sarah.

When it was time for dinner I had chicken Tenders with french fries and pasta on the side.

When it was time for awards for my team I didn’t win the players player award but when my coach announced the coaches player award it was me!

I couldn’t believe it I went to my coach tho receive my trophy.

Then my teammates and I had some fun and had Ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

It was a great night.



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Sean’s trip to France, Spain and Italy

Euro_2012_EpicMy trip was amazing! I was on a cruise ship called the Epic where I had pizza  non-stop.

I went to my favorite soccer teams official shop and got a jersey of my favorite player Lionel Messi who plays for FC Barcelona.

I now speak Spanish. Here are some things I know how to say in Spanish.

El perro=The dog

El gato=the cat

Oler=To smell

Beber=to drink

Me llamo Juan=My name is Sean

When I had Pizza in Italy it was so good I couldn’t stop eating it.

In France I had crêpes. It was awesome to go to Europe.

My 4th grand Spanish teacher is Sra. Foley.

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Sean’s greatest moments

Hitting a Walk-off-singe in extra innings (Baseball)

Riding my first wave (Surfing)

Scoring my first ever travel team goal (Soccer)

Meeting Mariano Rivera (Yankees pitcher)

Meeting J.R. Smith (Knicks player)

My first puppy.

My first cat.

Going to Spain, France and Italy.

Getting a MLB baseball (Phillies vs Mets game)

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Sean’s school

I go to MKA and it is an amazing school nice friends and great teachers.We are even getting Macbook Airs next year.We have a dining hall a rock wall a tetherball court a GaGa court we even have a dance studio.

We have field days when it is almost the end of the year. Field days are when the whole school goes out to do activities like games and sports.

We also have Cougar Pride Day. It’s pretty much the same thing as field day.

Some of our teachers used to be professional athletes. MKA is the best school I have ever gone to. It’s the best.

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Sean’s favorite things

Hi my name is Sean Stites.

My favorite video game is MLB 2K13 , Fifa soccer,and NBA 2K . My favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees.

My favorite sports are Baseball,Soccer,Football,Surfing,and Basketball.

My favorite Basketball team is the New York Knicks.

My favorite Football team is the Philadelphia Eagles and my favorite Soccer team is FC Barcelona.

My favorite Baseball players are Derek Jeter and Mike Trout.

My favorite Soccer player is Lionel Messi and my favorite Basketball player is Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, and Kyrie Irving.

My favorite cartoon is Spongebob and my favorite network is Quick Pitch on MLB network.

My favorite college football team is Notre Dame.

My favorite college baseball team is Rutgers.

My favorite food is Pizza and Milkshakes...

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